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ANSWatch-Mini measures blood pressures, heart rate, heart rate variability (related to the autonomic nervous system), and irregular heartbeats (auto marked by AI). It works with most smart phones and tablets (iOS and Android; 2016 or newer models).

ANSWatch-Mini Wrist Monitor

SKU: 001
$500.00 Regular Price
$350.00Sale Price
  • ANSWatch wrist monitor series  (Full-size and Mini) are approved and certified for CE, US FDA, Taiwan FDA, ISO 13485, and EN60601. It is a medical device with high accuracy, resolution, and consistency. ANSWatch-Mini works with most newer models of smart phones and tablets (iOS 11.0 and newer; Android 6.0 and newer; phones and tablets purchased in 2016 or later). ANSWatch monitor series has been used in more than 200 hospitals/clinics globally.  ANSWatch-Mini test reports have been very useful for communication between patients and physicians.  Although small in physical size, the device  integrates functions of blood pressure meters, heart rate variability (HRV) analyzers and irregular hearbeats detection of ECG.

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